WW4/Middle East/USSR2 Files: Russian warplanes based in Assad’s coastal stronghold of Latakia launch 3rd day of strikes against Army of Conquest rebels in Idlib prov., Free Syrian Army positions in Hama prov., notwithstanding Kremlin’s lies about targeting ISIS, affirmation of US-backed FSA as “non-terrorist”; Cpt. Jameel a-Salih of FSA’s Tajammua al-Izza Brigade tells Syria Direct news: “Russia’s intervention in Syria is intended to exterminate the Free Syrian Army—no, the Syrian people”; Russian Communist Party (CPRF) boss Zyuganov applauds “ex”-CPSU cadre Putin’s air campaign in Syria, praises Ba’athist regime in Damascus (which governs in coalition with Syrian Communist Party), urges West to lift sanctions against Russia, alleges US-led anti-ISIS crusade tied to “Big Oil”: “Today, when the US sensed that huge oil and gas reserves could fall into the hands of terrorists, who will not use them in the ways that the State Dept. might like, this frightened them. Now they are looking for a way out. Without Russia, no issue in the Middle East has ever been resolved”; meanwhile, CPRF unseats United Russia in gubernatorial race for Siberia’s Irkutsk oblast, follows 2014 victory for Communists in mayoral run for Russia’s 3rd largest city, Novosibirsk, reflects growing popular support for Russia’s “former” rulers

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