WW4/Red Terror/Middle East Files: Russian military build-up in Syria part of secret deal with Quds Force, proves Kremlin still terror HQ of world as terrorist chief Soleimani holds clandestine meeting with Putin in Moscow in July, discussed joint military plan to save beleaguered Assad regime; intel official: “The Russians are no longer advising, but co-leading the war in Syria”; “stream” of huge Antonov-124 Condor cargo aircraft, two landing ships have delivered aviation, intel and comm facilities to Syria, deployed more than 1,000 Russian combatants, some from same plainclothes special forces units sent to Crimea, SE Ukraine in 2014; Russian FM Lavrov urges world powers to arm Syrian military: “You cannot defeat Islamic State with air strikes only. It’s necessary to co-operate with ground troops and the Syrian army is the most efficient and powerful ground force to fight the IS[IL/IS]”; Russian Foreign Ministry: “Russia has never made a secret of military-technical cooperation with Syria . . . There are also Russian military advisers in Syria who provide training in the use of the arriving equipment”

Fighting Sunni Islam terror with Shi’a Islam terror? Quds Force against ISIS? Only the neo-Soviet strategists in the Kremlin, with their toadies in Tehran, could concoct such a deception based (ultimately) on theological hairsplitting.

source 1 source 2 source 3


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