WW4/Middle East Files: Islamist rebels, Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, seize air base in Idlib, Assad’s troops retreat after last regime-held position in NW province falls to “Army of Conquest”; Moscow admits “military advisers” in Syria, “assisting with arms deliveries” to embattled Ba’athist regime, refuses to comment on reported wider troop deployment, rebukes Athens, Sofia for prohibiting overflights; Pentagon tracking “multiple” flights of Russia’s An-124 (“Condor”) cargo planes to Syria, including port city of Latakia; Sec. of State Kerry phones Russian counterpart Lavrov to voice “concerns” about “imminent” buildup of Russian military in war-torn ME country, Kremlin accuses USA of “international boorishness”; Russian social media reveals presence of combat troops in Syria; CIA, US JSOC launch drone strikes against ISIS “high-value targets” (i.e., leaders) in Syria, Op Inherent Resolve includes French recon flights over terrorist-held territory; German ME expert tells Kremlin-run Sputnik website: “Russia, Iran and China trying to stop West from overthrowing Assad”

The neo-Soviet leadership in the Kremlin views US/NATO “meddling” in both Ukraine and Syria as existential threats to Russia. Cut to WW4.

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6


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