EU File: Greece defaults on US$1.7 billion IMF loan, imposes one-week bank holiday to head off cash runs as police guard ATMs, ramps up for July 5 “cash-for-reform” referendum, EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker admonishes Greek voters: “A ‘No’ would mean, regardless of the question posed, that Greece had said no to Europe”; 17,000 protesters take to streets of Athens, Thessaloniki to support leftist PM Tsipras, condemn EU bailout stipulations; global markets drop “sharply” over fears of “Grexit” from eurozone; communist-controlled All Workers’ Militant Front stormed, occupied Finance Ministry on June 12 , urged ruling Syriza party to reject all EU/ECB/IMF deals, KKE boss Koutsoubas joined PAME protesters, reds hold demos in 59 other Greek cities; “ex”-communists Putin, Tsipras express solidarity at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Greek, Russian FMs reaffirm commitment to Gazprom’s Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline, but no sign of Kremlin bailout for Athens

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