WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Kiev, Moscow lurch closer to open war as Ukraine formally rescinds military cooperation with Russia, prohibits resupply of 1,500 Russian troops in tiny, landlocked Transnistria; 66 public orgs in Moldova’s breakaway region respond with appeal to Putin for “protection” from Ukrainian army, “NATO activities” in Moldova proper, senior Russian DM official: “The Russian contingent will be supplied under any circumstances”; 3,000 Moldovans march past parliament, demand reunification with Romania, shout “Good bye, Russia! Don’t forget Bessarabia [Moldova’s old name] is not yours!”; Romanian irredentist organizes Chisinau rally, enlists support of 40 Romanian lawmakers in Action 2012 group, Moldovan security agency expels George Simion for 5 years; 10-20% of Moldovans, 75% of Romanians support reunification; Romanian-speaking Moldova part of Russian Empire 1812-1918, Soviet republic 1940-1991, briefly part of Romania 1918-1940; Romanian PM Ponta on state visit to Moldova, talks energy with counterpart Gaburici; during 2014 address to ruling party activists Ponta urged reunification of two countries within EU, shrugged off Kremlin ire

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