Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Election shocker in Canada’s energy-rich Alberta province: New Democrats (NDP) to form majority socialist government as voters repudiate 44-year Progressive Conservative (PC) dynasty, 80 years of rightist dominance in Edmonton; ruling PCs collapse from 70 (of 87) seats in legislature to 10, NDP surges from 4 to 53 seats, “orange wave” (party color) sweeps over provincial capital, Calgary, surges into rural ridings; Premier Prentice wins own riding, but resigns as party leader, MLA, blames party defeat on deflated oil prices; Premier-designate Notley to raise income taxes, review fossil fuel royalty regime, strengthen “climate change” controls, oppose Keystone XL, Northern Gateway pipelines; right-wing Albertans angered by ruling party arrogance, 50,000 layoffs in O&G sector, inter-party defections, shift support to upstart Wildrose Party; S&P/TSX composite index reacts, falls 401 points over 2 days; Calgary consulting firm: “[Tuesday] may have seen the biggest, . . . most unexpected swing that Albertans will see for a generation as the province swerved hard to the political left”

We seldom post under this category, but it just so happens your resident blogger lives in “Wild Rose Country.”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

Ezra Levant: Albertans wanted a broom, not a hammer and sickle

Ezra Levant bio


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