USSR2 File: Russia plunders, destabilizes tiny Moldova: 10,000 Moldovans take to streets of Chisinau, protest disappearance of US$1.5 billion central bank loan to three private institutions, parliamentary committee report leaked to press, says Russian banks believed to be secret recipients; transactions apparently happened over several days, prior to last November’s election, pro-EU parties narrowly “squeezed out” pro-Moscow Communists, Socialists; Moldova’s Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala, Unibank hold 1/3 of all bank assets in Europe’s poorest country, including money for pension payments; Gagauzia autonomous region elects ex-communist as governor, Russian MPs and entertainers appear on campaign trail with Vlah, Moscow resident Yabukov finances Irina’s election bid, Kremlin hails victory; Russian troops conduct exercise in breakaway region of Transnistria on Apr. 9, drill involves APCs, grenade launchers, expends 100,000 rounds of ammo, 2,500-man occupational force stationed 60 miles away from Ukraine’s culturally divided port city of Odessa

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