Red Dawn Alert/WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian National Guard launches offensive against Donbass rebels near Mariupol, covert Russian regulars led deadly missile attack against strategic port city on Jan. 24; President Poroshenko visits Kramatorsk on Wed., after 15 civilians, soldiers killed in rebel rocket barrage day before; travels to Minsk for talks with leaders of France, Germany, Russia, then Brussels for EU summit; NATO more than doubles size of rapid reaction force to 30,000 soldiers, 6 command centers to be set up in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Baltic republics; Germany to send 1,700 troops to Poland, join NATO’s “Sober Strike” exercise, unprecedented deployment possibly first since WW2-era Nazi occupation, bound to agitate Polish nationalists; Russian DM Shoigu plans visit to leftist allies in Caribbean, negotiate with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua on weapons sales, naval maintenance/resupply sites, refueling Russian nuclear bombers on “global patrol missions”; Russian Tu-160s landed in Caracas, Managua in 2008, 2013; President Ortega (possibly anticipating revenue from Chinese-built Nicaragua Canal) submits order for Russian-made MiG-29s, failed Soviet warplane deal during first Sandinista regime (1979-1990) worried Reagan Admin

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