EU File: Greece’s new leftist PM rejects Moscow’s overtures for financial bailout (for now), carries out first official foreign visit to Greek-speaking Cyprus, meets center-right President Anastasiades, communist predecessor Christofias; Tsipras warns Turkey against “undermining” peace talks for divided island, Ankara bolstered occupational troops from 36,000 to 43,000 in 2013, but withdrew 100 tanks, leaving 349; Syriza leader urges Athens, Nicosia to establish “bridge of peace and cooperation” between EU, Russia, both countries side with Serbia in rejecting Kosovo independence; Russia seeks military base in Cyprus (even though British Forces Cyprus stationed at Dhekelia, Akrotiri since 1960), Anastasiades slated for state visit to Moscow in late Feb.; Syriza deputy minister Katrougkalos, former MEP vows to sink EU-USA trade pact, ruling coalition partner ANEL shares same hostility towards Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership; Golden Dawn wins third place in Jan. 25 election even though party boss, six MPs on remand, neo-Nazis release statement, back Tsipras government, oppose privatizations, EU’s anti-Russia sanctions; 1000s of anti-fascists gather in Athens, rally against Greek ultranationalists

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