Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian Navy denies media reports armed marines seized control of French-built helicopter carrier after Nov. 14 deadline passed without formal transfer, describes alleged takeover “extraordinary invention”; 400 Russian sailors arrived at W. French port of Montoir-de-Bretagne in June, trained aboard Vladivostok ahead of planned handover; French President Hollande, citing Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, suspended transfer on Nov. 25, French shipbuilder DCNS confirms theft of warship computers, communications software prior to this date, no sensitive data taken; second Mistral-class ship bound for Russian Navy, Sevastopol, floated out of dry dock in late Nov.; Dep. PM Rogozin expresses Moscow’s annoyance with Paris: “The stern section of Mistral was made . . . in St. Petersburg. . . . [I]f they want to keep the ship, we will have to tear away its stern section and get it back to use it in other ships”

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