Blast from the Past File: Last Soviet dictator Gorbachev in German capital, attends ceremony marking 25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall, warns Ukraine conflict could descend into “new Cold War,” possibly already begun; Gorby implemented perestroika (restructuring), glasnost (openness) reforms, leading to (controlled) collapse of East Bloc regimes in 1989, Soviet Union in 1991; KGB defector Golitsyn, in New Lies for Old (1984), predicted rise of Gorbachev-like reformer in Russia, “confederation” of West, East Germanies; 1990 reunification resulted in infiltration of Federal Republic by ex-GDR communists, Left Party to lead first-ever coalition government with Social Democrats, Greens in state of Thuringia; German President, Chancellor both raised in East, Gauck questions Left’s commitment to democracy, Merkel calls coalition “bad news”


The German Democratic Republic dismantled the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

source 1 source 2


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