WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA AT WAR: Kiev: Russian armored column of 32 tanks, 30 trucks invades Donbass across rebel-held frontier, heads for town of Krasny Luch, Poroshenko: Ukraine must “repel possible attacks,” not allow “spread of this cancerous tumour”; NATO’s Gen. Breedlove says Russia maintains 250-300 troops in Ukraine to support rebel forces: “Russian equipment, re-supply, (and) training flows back and forth freely across that interborder space”; comments on surge in Russian long-range bomber patrols around European periphery: “They [Moscow] are messaging us that they are a great power and have the ability to exert influence”; notes US Army troop strength in Europe at 31,000; follows illegal elections for chief executive posts, leading to “victories” for Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky in Donetsk, Lugansk “People’s Republics”; Kremlin “respects” outcome of rebel votes

source 1 source 2


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