EU/USSR2 Files: Lukewarm EU member Hungary cowers before past Russian overlord, Gazprom CEO Miller arrives in Budapest on Sept. 22, confers with pro-Moscow lackey PM Orban, offers to up natural gas shipments in exchange for ex-East Bloc state terminating reverse-flow gas supply to Ukraine; Kiev’s Naftogaz describes stoppage as “unexpected and unexplained”; Russian Energy Minister Novak rumbles: “Re-exporting Russian gas to Ukraine is illegal and could lead to some EU states going without fuel shipments from Gazprom”; Moscow stopped direct gas shipments to Ukraine in June, citing unpaid US$4.5 billion debt; in controversial July 26 speech to Hungarian-Romanians, “soft authoritarian” Orban advocated “illiberal,” nationalist state, praised Putin’s Russia, cracked down on NGO as “foreign agent”; meanwhile, Budapest’s top prosecutor asks Euro Parliament to lift immunity from Jobbik MEP suspected of spying for Russia, Hungarian paper alleges Soviet-educated neo-fascist “KGBéla” Kovács held “conspiratorial meetings” with Russian diplomats, Russian wife employed or financially backed by SVR

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5


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