WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Poland’s biannual “Anakonda” military exercise assumes new urgency in light of Russian invasion of Ukraine, memories of 1945-1992 Soviet occupation; 10-day drill kicks off at 4 test ranges in country’s N., Baltic Sea, involves nearly 11,750 Polish troops, 750 from NATO allies, including USA, UK, 4 ex-communist states; Poles contribute 120 armored vehicles, 50 anti-aircraft units, 15 missile launchers, 17 warships, 25 aircraft to repel simulated invasion under NATO’s “mutual defense article”; DM Siemoniak: “Poland’s biggest military exercise, Anakonda, has acquired special significance due to the events in Ukraine”; 1,300 NATO troops, including 200 US paratroopers, wrap up exercise near Yavoriv, W. Ukraine, U.S. Army Sec.: “If anyone questions the United States’ commitment to security in the Black Sea region, they might want to take a look at . . . Rapid Trident 14”; Ukrainian Ground Forces commander: “It goes without saying this event is very important. . . . This increases our combat readiness”; pro-Kremlin think tank lambastes “2,600-km American military front” against Russia, i.e., from Lithuania to Turkey

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Historical Flashback: Last Russian Combat Troops Withdrawn from Poland in 1992 (source)



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