WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Poroshenko, Putin converse by phone, express satisfaction over OSCE-brokered cease-fire, Ukrainian president offers more autonomy to Donbass, but insists upon “territorial integrity” of country, Moscow-backed rebels still demand state of “New Russia”; Putin’s secret war in Ukraine: Poroshenko says 70% of Russian invasion force has withdrawn, leaving Russian “volunteers”; determined counter-attack from Ukrainian Ground Forces, National Guard produced 2,000 Russian casualties (according to Kiev), “loads” of wounded trucked back over border; Poroshenko rallies soldiers, steelworkers at rebel-surrounded port city of Mariupol on Mon., praises troops for defeating armored thrust from Russia 2 weeks ago, vows to fend off future Russian aggression against industrial center; NSDC spokesman Lysenko: Russian Armed Forces, separatists stage 20 “provocations” against government forces in ATO zone, shell Donetsk’s embattled Sergey Prokofiev International Airport on Sept. 9; “We’ll be back”: Russian army building up new invasion forces opposite Novoazovsk, also occupied Crimea; Tymchuk: Fuel trucks crossing rebel-held stretches of border to resupply Russian invaders; new EU sanctions target oil giant Rosneft, Russian tank maker Uralvagonzavod

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