Communist Bloc Military Updates: Two Russian nuclear bombers fly over Labrador Sea, simulate cruise missile launch at targets on US E. Coast, provocation occurs during NATO summit in Wales, debate over assistance to be given Ukraine following Russia’s Aug. 25 invasion; Gen. Yakubov: Russia’s military doctrine should be revised again (last time 2010) to identify USA, NATO as “enemies,” “clearly outline the conditions for a pre-emptive nuclear strike against them”; since Moscow-backed insurgency began in SE Ukraine in Apr., Ukrainian, US, NATO officials have also referred to Russia as an “enemy,” no longer “partner”; Adm. Haney: “Clearly, we at the U.S. Strategic Command do monitor the strategic environment. Any nation state [meaning Russia] has the right to train . . . Clearly, the actions associated with Ukraine are problematic. I will say that the business of them [Russian bombers] coming close to the USA, we take very seriously”



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