WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR GOES HOT: NATO begins Steadfast Javelin II military exercise in Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania while 1,200 NATO troops, including US military, prep for Rapid Trident exercise near Lviv, western Ukraine Sept. 16-26; Poroshenko, Putin agree on conditions for ceasefire, but no actual implementation, Moscow-backed rebels in Donetsk, Lugansk Oblasts ignored Kiev’s unilateral cease-fire in June; Russian dictator still denies regular forces in Ukraine even as Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry asserts: “Russian military are continuing to shell the roadblocks of the ATO forces, cities and public transport. Ukraine is continuing to record instances of violation of its airspace, and the accumulation of armored vehicles and artillery systems of the Russian Armed Forces in its eastern regions is continuing,” “Russia has switched from clandestine warfare to an open armed invasion of the Ukrainian territory”; NSDC spokesman Lysenko: Following Sept. 1 attack by rebels, Russian T-90 tank column, retreating Ukrainian forces purposely destroyed Lugansk runway; 100 Ukrainian para- troopers remained at airport to cover main body of retreating forces, broke through encircling ring of Russian tank units on Sept. 3; Donbass separatists claim to control all roads leading to Mariupol, Ukrainian army, paramilitaries, civilians feverishly erect anti-tank obstacles around port city, expect assault by Russian armor that crossed border Aug. 25

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