Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian strategic bombers try to enter Dutch airspace, repelled by Royal Netherlands Air Force, make U-turn, second run at NATO member; Japanese warplanes shadow two Bear bombers circumnavigating archipelago; Kremlin’s nuclear bombers penetrated USA’s NW air defense identification zone 16 times over 10 days in late July, early Aug., one Russian sortie near Alaska included spyplane, NORAD confirms “spike in activity”; Moscow settles on Baranovichi, W. Belarus for new air base to open in 2015, already operates fighter jet squadron in buffer state; 2,600 Union State paratroopers train in Russia’s NW region of Pskov while CSTO troops converge in Kyrgyzstan for “anti-terrorist” Enduring Brotherhood 2014 drill; Russian Defense Ministry to rehabilitate Cold War-era airbase, build 6 “closed” military towns in NE Siberia, Tiksi Aerodrome first served as staging base for Soviet strategic aviation to reach N. America

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