WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Amid Ukraine crisis, 4 Russian Bear H bombers intercepted over Aleutians on June 9, 2 TU-95s continue flight across N. Pacific, repelled 50 miles off N. California coast; Krem- lin brands NATO’s “Baltops” naval maneuver in Baltic Sea, land drills in Baltic states as “act of aggression,” matches alliance’s 6,500-troop deployment with units from Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet, Russian Air Force, VDV, stealth corvette Soobrazitelny live-fires missiles at surface targets; Putin’s personal envoy Markov issues truculent warning to Helsinki ahead of FM Lavrov’s visit: “Russophobia could start the third [world war]. Finland is one of the most Russophobic countries in Europe, together with Sweden and the Baltic states. Russia recommends Finland not to join NATO”; con- veniently forgets Finns’ “Russophobia” might be linked to 1939 Soviet invasion; France, Italy dispatch spy ships to Black Sea, monitor Russian military activity in occupied Crimea

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