Final Phase Backgrounder: Russian Communists urge referenda on changing names of St. Petersburg, Volgo- grad back to Leningrad, Stalingrad, Putin expresses support for initiative; CPRF’s long-standing policy to restore Soviet Union; CIS co-founder Shushkevich maintains Putin rebuilding USSR through formation of Eurasian Union, Russian special services intervention in Ukraine; freest former Soviet republics–Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova–have lost “chunks of territory” to pro-Moscow separatists; Lukashenko “doing his part” in Belarus via KGB-controlled “democracy,” collective farms, 80% of economy in state hands; C. Asian repub- lics have made “scant progress towards” democratic reform in 23 years; Shushkevich denies he, colleagues Yeltsin, Kravchuk had “ulterior motive” in dissolving USSR, but KGB defector Golitsyn predicted contrived demise of Soviet Union, followed by “new worldwide communist federation” (New Lies for Old [1984], p. 346), identified CIS as component of “longstanding overall Communist strategy of convergence” (The Pere- stroika Deception [1995], p. 149); Borodin: Russian-Belarusian Union State “great development of commu- nism,” USSR to be restored in 2017, centennial of Bolshevik Revolution

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