Blast from the Past File: Poland’s last communist leader dies at age 90, Wojciech Jaruzelski imposed martial law in 1981 to crush dissent as alternative to Soviet military intervention, justified actions in 2005 interview: “The structures of the state were paralyzed. . . . A general strike was imminent. We were staring hunger, cold, and blackout in the face”; Jaruzelski one of several Warsaw Pact generals to plan 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, carried out orders to suppress 1970 workers’ revolts in Gdansk, leaving 44 people dead, hundreds injured, purged Jews from Polish army in 1971; 1996 parliamen- tary commission dominated by “ex”-communist party spared Jaruzelski a trial before state tribunal over martial law (go figure); Red Army deported Jaruzelski family to Siberian gulag in 1939, young Wojciech afflicted with snow blindness, later known for trade- mark tinted glasses, drab olive military uniform



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