Latin America File: Russia accuses USA, allies of start- ing “second Cold War” over Ukraine crisis, imposing anti-Kremlin sanctions, refuses to disavow annexing Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk; retaliates by meddling in “America’s backyard,” consolidates old/ new relations with communist regimes in Havana, Managua, Caracas; FM Lavrov: Russia needs “naval stations” in W. Hemisphere to refuel, repair warships, Russian companies to join Hong Kong-led consortium in building inter-oceanic canal across Nicaragua; Russian media: Russian warships, aircraft to patrol Nicaragua’s Caribbean, Pacific coasts, deter “provoca- tions” targeting canal megaproject; Col. Alejandro Castro Espin leads Cuban delegation to Moscow, meets with leaders of SVR/FSB; Russian Security Council, Cuba’s Commission for National Security and Defense ink cooperation memo, form joint working group; Venezuelan army tests Russian-built MRLs in W. state, near Colombia, recent history of tensions between Caracas, Bogota

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6


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