Communist Bloc Military Updates: Putin yet again assures West of peaceful intentions, orders troop pull- back ahead of Ukraine’s presidential vote; NATO chief Rasmussen: No “visible evidence” of Russian with- drawal; Moscow unilaterally shelves 2001 deal with Lithuania, ends military inspections in Kaliningrad; S. Korea deploys warships, surveillance planes to E. China Sea as Russia, Red China hold 3rd joint maritime drill; Beijing’s no-fly zone overlaps with Seoul’s, Tokyo’s ADIZs; Sino-Russian naval exercise coincides with Putin’s trip to Beijing, meeting with Xi Jinping, pro- ceeds amid Senkaku-Diaoyu dispute with Toyko, Taipei; Russian warships make port of call at Shanghai ahead of Joint Sea 2014; Russo-Mongolian ground forces exer- cise “Selenga-2014” to take place in Aug.; US missile cruiser Vella Gulf to enter Black Sea this week; fearing former Russian overlord’s aggression in Ukraine, Poland accepts delivery of first 50 of 105 German-built Leopard 2A5 main battle tanks

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