WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Ukrainian military launches sustained ATO against rebel-held Slaviansk, thrusts past checkpoints, reportedly regains control of one half of city, Turchynov: “Many insur- gents dead, wounded and arrested,” “Armed saboteurs attempted to cross into Ukraine from Russia overnight, pushed back by border troops”; SBU: “Highly skilled foreign military men” fired SAM to down 1 of 2 army helicopters, 1 pilot, 1 serviceman killed, 2nd pilot wounded, captured, DM demands release; Rossiya 24 TV quotes rebel commander, Russian GRU officer Strelkov: “City completely sealed off”; pro-Russia separatists: 1) attempt to hijack Moscow-Mariupol train during stop in Slaviansk, thwarted by ATO unit; 2) seize railway control center near Yasynuvata, N. of Donetsk city, stopping all train service in E. Ukraine; May 1: Putin to Merkel: Ukraine must withdraw troops from SE oblasts; Russian FM warns “Kiev regime’s” planned assault against Slaviansk could lead to “catastrophic consequences”; May 2: Kremlin: “Authorities in Kiev have destroyed last hope for Geneva Accords”; Russia calls for emergency UNSC meeting; 100s of baton-wielding pro-Moscow extremists attack national unity rally of 1,500 people in largely quiescent SW port city of Odessa, 3 killed

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source 7 source 8 source 9 source 10 source 11


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