WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Turchynov: Rebellion in Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts “out of control,” Security Service, army, local police “helpless” to sup- press pro-Russia separatists, some LE units “treason- ous,” “cooperating with terrorists”; orders formation of territorial defense battalions, consisting of volunteers, “patriots ready to defend Ukraine”; military on “full combat alert” to repel possible Russian invasion, status since Crimean takeover; notice of army exercise in Kiev issued, then retracted, just presidential guard to drill on Apr. 30; masked gunmen in military fatigues (i.e., Spetsnaz) seize control of state bldg. in Horlivka, police station occupied since Apr. 14; Pushilin, leader of so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic,” brags: “We have enough people and weapons to defend our interests”; separatists occupy city council bldgs. in Alchevsk and Sverdlovsk, Lugansk Oblast; SBU busts: 1) sabotage ring in Mykolaiv, Kremlin agents plot bombing during WW2-related celebration on May 9; 2) 2 Russians, 1 Belaru- sian arrested at Dolzhansky border crossing, planned rendezvous with militants occupying SBU’s Lugansk HQ; “people’s mayor” Ponomaryov denies receiving orders from Putin, insists “quick release” of OSCE hos- tages should not be expected; Germany’s KSK special forces on alert for rescue mission to rebel stronghold in Slaviansk, Ukraine

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Related previous developments in Ukraine’s pro-Russia insurgency, Ukraine-Russia war:

source 13 source 14


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