WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Russia, Red China hold joint naval drill in E. China Sea, near islets disputed with Japan, deepen military interoperability begun in 2005; Beijing opposes sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine crisis; newly formed Russian army helicopter brigade holds training flights near Estonia, Latvia; NATO begins fresh round of airspace policing missions: Polish MiG-29As to patrol neighbor- ing Lithuania, Canadian CF-18s, air tanker deploy to Romania; fearing Russian aggression, Bucharest takes cue from other European capitals, commits to defense budget increase with EU, IMF approval; polls show 72% of Ukrainians doubt interim government’s ability to promote national unity; Crimea faces new crises, real and fabricated: Simferopol accuses Kiev of “sabotaging” cross-border fresh-water supply, InfoResist: Russian occupiers turned off pumps in town of Krasnopere- kopsk; militarization of border with mainland shuts down deliveries to 450 gas stations, Moscow scrambles for alternative import sites; Ukraine’s DTEK threatens to cut electricity over unpaid debts

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