Red World Order File: Moscow consolidates ties with old/new allies in W. Hemisphere, N. Korea: FM Lavrov pays official visits to leftist regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile, condemns EU, US sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis, 54-year-old embargo against Cuba “unacceptable”; past/present communist dictator Ortega defends decision to invite Russia to modernize Soviet-built military, confirms Moscow “interested in in building a military resupply base in Nicaragua” (i.e., possibly for strategic bombers, which made historic first visit to Managua in Oct. 2013); Russian spy ship joins Nicaraguan, Honduran police for counter-narcotics naval exercises in Caribbean, Viktor Leonov lurking off US E. Coast since Crimean takeover; Russian Dep. PM Trutnev arrives in Pyongyang, “latest in series of exchange visits of high-level officials,” KCNA silent on agenda details

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6


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