EU/USA Files: Responding to Russian aggression in Ukraine, USA reassures nervous NATO allies with history of Soviet occupation, dispatches ground forces: US Army’s Italy-based 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team sends 150 paratroopers to each of Poland, Lithu- ania, Latvia, Estonia for “next several months”; 4,000 troops from NATO, partner states to participate in Exer- cise Combined Resolve II in SE Germany throughout May, June; Brig. Gen. Walter Piatt: “Combined Resolve II will be the largest multinational [live-fire] exercise in Europe”; Canada contributes 6 CF-18 fighter jets to NATO policing missions in Polish, Baltic airspace, plans to join US-led Rapid Trident 2014 exercise in Ukraine in July; guided-missile frigate USS Taylor returns to Black Sea, replaces warships Truxton, Donald Cook as US Navy maintains constant presence near Ukraine; neutral Sweden, Finland consider bilateral military alliance, Stockholm to beef up air force

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