WW4 FILE: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Russian military invasion of mainland Ukraine underway as Ukraine’s leaders weigh issues affecting nation’s survival: Rada recognizes Crimea as “temporarily occupied territory”; appoints major general chief of revived National Guard, Poltorak hails from Odessa Oblast, began career in Ukraine SSR; Orange Revolutionaries, Fatherland politicians urge decisive action against pro-Russia separatists: Tomenko insists upon depriving Communist MPs of parliamentary powers; presidential candidate Tymoshenko advocates imposition of “state of emergency” in SE oblasts; Sobolev concurs: “The Verkhovna Rada should adopt the draft law on holding the elections under conditions of the public emergency and . . . ensuring army financing under condition of the military threat from the Russian Federation”; SBU launches criminal proceedings against Russian bank, central branch in Kiev conduit for financing pro-Russia separatists; Ukrainian banks flee Crimea as Simferopol-backed Russian National Commercial Bank opens for business

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