WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Russian military invasion of mainland Ukraine underway as NORAD carries out “training flights” over Washington DC next 2 nights, follows Mar. 19 drill; Exercise Falcon Virgo held in coordination with FAA, NCRCC, JADOC, Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, NORAD’s E., W. Air Defense Sectors; follows 2-week NORAD drill by Royal Canadian Air Force over N. territories; Pentagon: Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jet made 12 passes by USS Donald Cook in Black Sea on Apr. 12, 2nd “Fencer” in area, observed destroyer’s response to provocation; 3 French warships also cruising Black Sea, “bolster NATO’s E. flank”; Turkish Air Force intercepts Russian spy plane, 2nd such incident in 1 week; Russian envoy to NATO Grushko: “We will take into account in our military planning any possible changes in NATO forces and configurations and . . . will take necessary measures in the interests of ensuring our security”

World war going hot soon. Shopping mall regime snoozing peacefully . . . for just a little while longer. Got civil defense? Probably not.

source 1 related post source 2 source 3 source 4 related incident source 5


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