WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Kremlin fabricates pretext to invade mainland Ukraine: Russia “concerned” over possible “leaks” of ballistic missile technology from Kiev’s defense industry; Ukrainian Air Force returns “Fulcrum” fighter jets to combat service, carries out sorties, 2 MiG-29s spotted in skies over restive SE regions today; Kiev deploys APCs, missile systems to NW border with Belarus after accusing Russia of secreting military into buffer state, Russian VDV to hold practice drops in Belarus in mid-April; Russia’s top general visits Baku, Azerbaijan in CSTO 1994-1999; CSTO: Ukraine authorities must stop “rampage of [right-wing] radicals”; Tusk: NATO to bolster military presence in Poland “within weeks”; Bucharest’s DM: USAF to deploy F-16 fighter jets to Romania for “pretty long period”; Moldovans fear Russian aggression in rebel region Transnistria, burn Putin portraits in Chisinau

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

source 6 source 7 source 8 source 9 source 10


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