Red Terror File: Ukraine’s crackdown against militants, saboteurs, provocateurs continues ahead of May vote; SBU arrests 15 people suspected of planning to overthrow regional government of Lugansk on April 10, confiscates 100s of rifles, grenades, petrol bombs; retired Ukrainian general: Russia might follow Crimea formula to subjugate Ukraine, infiltrate “proxies” to seize “key government buildings, infrastructure” before “large-scale invasion” of mainland; SBU chief Nalyvaichenko: Yanukovych plot to kill opponents, cling to power not only involved Russian FSB sniper team, but also “heavy aircraft” from Russia landed at Kiev International, Gostomel Airports with 5,100 kg of explosives; incident occurred on Jan. 20, one month before Yanukovych’s ouster

source 1 source 2 (subscription) source 3


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