WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Russian DM Shoigu fails to mollify U.S. Defense Secretary Hagel, Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral Kirby: “No indication that Russian troops massed near the border with Ukraine are conducting routine military exercises,” “They continue to reinforce. . .”; Ukraine Defense Ministry: Two military trains with a total of 60 cars arrive at Klimovo, in Russia’s Bryansk region, near Belarus, Ukraine’s N. border; deployment of mobile communication, coordination centers, accommodation, field hospitals observed on Ukraine’s E. border; Republican members of House Armed Services Cmte. to White House: “Deep apprehension that Moscow may invade E. and S. Ukraine, pressing west to Transdniestria, and also seek land grabs in the Baltics”; Ukraine starts talks with EU to import natural gas via Slovakia, reduce dependency on Gazprom

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 related post


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