WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Ukraine’s interim government shows cracks after far-right Svoboda MPs, angry over Crimea annexation coverage, assault, force resignation of state TV exec, call Panteley- monov “Moscow trash”; PM Yatseniuk condemns attack; Fatherland MP tables motion to ban Communist Party, maintains “Communists launched a campaign aimed at undermining Ukraine’s security and territorial integrity,” “behind the separatist actions and terror in southern and eastern oblasts and Crimea”; Communist deputy in Moscow Duma urges city to rename street or square “to celebrate the reunification of Crimea with Russia”; Russian Bloc activist in Donetsk: “We want the Soviet Union, with Russia” (so does Putin); Turkey’s involvement in Ukraine crisis looms as Crimea’s rebel regime orders pro-Kiev Tatars to relocate within region; Erdogan to Putin: Handle Tatars carefully or Bosphorus will be closed to Russian warships

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

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