WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Kiev, Moscow negotiate 5-day truce over Ukrainian troops trapped in Crimea, replenish food at bases, Ukraine’s acting DM Teniukh: “No measures will be taken against our military facilities in Crimea until March 21”; acting president Turchynov, dressed in combat fatigues, rallies the troops at maneuvers N. of Kiev; parliament scrapes up US$600 million to purchase arms, activates 40,000 reservists, trains 20,000 recruits for new National Guard; pro-Russia extremists seize Right Sector office in Kharkiv, police stand aside; heavily armed police patrol Odessa, watching for pro-Moscow fifth column- ists; Ukraine shuts down border with Transnistria, 1,500 Russian troops stationed in Moldova’s separatist region, follows Kiev’s closure of E. frontier with Russia; Russia to deploy second Su-27 “Flanker” squadron in Belarus by end of year, boost deployment from 10 to 24 fighter jets; Russia pours more troops, armor into Crimea as landing ship docks near Sevastopol; fearing Russian aggression in Ukraine, Sweden joins NATO’s Cold Response drill, reconsiders neutral stance

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