WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: NATO’S Gen. Bartels, Russia’s Gen. Gerasimov discuss Ukraine crisis; Putin meets with Russian Security Council; CSTO monitors increased NATO activity in E. Europe, but “not planning joint military force” (yet); S-300 SAM convoy spotted in Odessa, part of mobilization to repel Russian attack; Ukrainian patrol plane encounters “flagrant shooting” from Russian APC at Armyansk, Crimea; Ukrainian sailors trapped in Crimean ports still refuse to surrender warships, Cmdr. Zvyagentsev: “If I am ordered to [fight], we will be ready”; rebel regime in Simferopol offers referendum voters two options: Join Russian Federation or be ruled by “neo-Nazis” in Kiev; Russian troops, “self-defense forces” assault, intimidate journalists; E. Ukraine unrest continues as pro-Kiev, pro-Moscow supporters clash in Donetsk, 1 killed

There is no reason at all to vote on Sunday. This referendum is not serious and is a completely illegal attempt to justify the occupation. They don’t really want to be part of Russia. We are under occupation here, people are afraid so of course this is what they say they want.
— “Yevgeny,” Euromaidan activist, resident of Simferopol, Russian-occupied Crimea

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