Latin America File: El Salvador’s ruling FMLN achieves second stage of communist revolution as ex-guerrilla commander, former VP achieves razor-thin victory in presidential run-off vote, right-wing ARENA challenger demands recount; outgoing President Funes represents FMLN’s moderate wing while Sanchez Ceren described as “doctrinaire Leninist,” reliable ally of region’s Red Axis; Sao Paulo Forum includes Cuba’s, Venezuela’s, Nicaragua’s ruling parties; gloating over abolition of term limits, President Ortega sends congrats

The eyes of the world are rightly on Ukraine these days. However, the communists have persisted for over 30 years, first by civil war and then by ballot box, to take over El Salvador. The FMLN’s revolution has definitely reached its second, more radical stage.

source 1 source 2 source 3 (Spanish) source 4

History of Sao Paulo Forum

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