USSR2 File: Pro-Russia protesters storm regional council in Donetsk, demand referendum on secession; Russian flag flying over building for 3 days; small pro-Russia rally in Kharkiv follows large, violent March 1 protest in which Russophones clash with Euromaidan activists; Kyiv Post: buses with RF plates transported 2,000 Russian citizens to participate in Kharkiv demos; Kiev appoints billionaire to head Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Kolomoisky ridicules Putin, accuses Yanukovich of planning counter-revolution at head of Russian army

Putin is a small-sized schizophreniac who went insane and whose attempts to revive the Russian Empire to the 1913 borders can bring world to disaster. Yanukovych is a war prisoner in an unfriendly country, who can be used as a puppet, be brought to Sevastopol or Donetsk.
— Igor Kolomoisky, Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine

Russia would never make war with us! All Ukrainian media lie for Western money. We here want a referendum, we want Ukraine to be a federation. We don’t accept these bandits that took over Kyiv now, we want to elect our governors.
Svitlana Zakharchenko, citizen of Kharkiv, Ukraine

Oh my God, they are totally brainwashed! You know this is not true, right? That protest was organized by Russians, I have seen the buses myself.
Valentyna Shavaltas, animal rights activist from Kharkiv

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