WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Masked Russian troops occupying Crimea end three-day pretense as “pro-Russia militiamen,” begin displaying national tricolor on uniforms; 1,000 ethnic Russians march through regional capital Simferopol, chanting “Russia, Russia!”, Ukrainians, Muslim Tatars cower indoors; Obama holds 90-minute phone conversation with Putin, urges Russian withdrawal from Crimea, warns of “costs,” but no indication of “hot war” with NATO; Rasmussen: “Russia must stop its military activities and threats”

Imagine how you would feel if Great Britain popped out of nowhere to take away half the land of Canada. We are dealing with one of the most powerful militaries in the world with our government at its most vulnerable — only days old and already confronting a terrible economic crisis. Our Ukrainian units in Crimea are surrounded by Russian troops. We now face what feels like a permanent threat from the new imperialistic, chauvinistic Russia.
— Eugene Novitsky, leader of EuroMaidan protests in Simferopol, interview with Toronto Star

source 1 source 2


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