Breaking News: UKRAINE, RUSSIA ON BRINK OF WAR: Heavily armed gunmen seize regional parliament in Crimean capital, raise Russian flag; Putin sends 90 fighter jets to patrol Ukraine border, mobilizes 150,000 troops under guise of snap drill; Ukraine’s acting president Turchynov warns Moscow: Russian military must stay on Sevastopol base, failure to comply ACT OF WAR; orders army to use “all methods to punish” putschists in Simferopol; interim cabinet appointed in Kiev, faces financial crisis; Russia grants asylum to Yanukovich, who rails against Ukraine “extremists”

I am addressing the Russian Black Sea Fleet command with a demand:  all military servicemen should stay within the boundaries of the  territories stipulated by the agreement. Any movement of military  servicemen with weapons outside this territory will be viewed as  military aggression.
— Alexander Turchynov, Ukraine’s Acting President, statement made in Verkhovna  Rada, February 27, 2014

If you’re a Christian, pray for Mr. Turchynov. In  a country where people of the Baptist faith are a very small minority, God, intriguingly, has raised up a Baptist pastor to lead Ukraine in these dangerous times.

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