Final Phase Backgrounder: “Ex”-communists at helm of Western European states: Merkel raised in E. Germany, cadre in state-backed orgs, “agitprop” function, post in GDR’s only “non”- communist government; father known as “Red” Kasner; Italy’s most popular politician, “ex”-PCI Napolitano, re-elected president, appoints Letta to lead grand coalition of “ex”-red Democrats, Berlusconi’s party

The reunification of East and West Germany was not a triumph for the Free World but, rather, was orchestrated by the Soviet strategists under Mikhail Gorbachev’s visible leadership, with the intent of infiltrating communists into the mainstream politics of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In a March 1990 memorandum to the US Central Intelligence Agency, KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn specifically warned about the danger of German re-unification: “In its blindness, the United States fails to foresee the political destabilisation liable to arise from the West’s willingness to contemplate East German participation in federal elections without taking into account of the likely impact on them of the 2.4 million past and present members of the German Communist Party [i.e., Socialist Unity Party]” (The Perestroika Deception, London: Edward Harle, 1995, 1998; page 74). Golitsyn also noted: “Deep penetration of West Germany’s special services by the KGB and by the East German services [Stasi] has compromised members of the West German elite, rendering them vulnerable to KGB pressure and blackmail which may well be used during the reunification process” (page 74).

Meanwhile, in Italy the communist party (PCI) dominated the political left, polling second behind Christian Democracy, which finally collapsed under the weight of scandal and corruption in the early 1990s. As of the 2013 general election, the PCI’s successor, the Democratic Party, holds the largest number of seats in the bicameral Italian parliament. Ironically, or perhaps  not, more than two decades after the stage-managed collapse of the Soviet Union, “ex”-communists now sit at the helm of these two major Western European states, which have been anxious to promote economic ties with “post”-communist Russia.

For decades, the US policy-making community shunned Golitsyn, but once again his perceptive warnings have been vindicated.

Federal Republic of Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel (2005-present): Born in Hamburg, West Germany in 1954, immigrated with family to East Germany shortly after birth; joined Free German Youth (agitprop secretary) and Free German Trade Union Federation, employed as researcher with Academy of Sciences at time of fall of Berlin Wall; joined Democratic Awakening “reform” movement; deputy spokesperson for first (and last) “non”-communist East German prime minister, Lothar de Maizière (April-October 1990); joined Christian Democratic Union following re-unification of East and West Germany, merger of communist-controlled East German CDU and West German CDU; fluent Russophone

Bio of Merkel’s father, Horst Kasner: Lutheran pastor who accepted post in Quitzow, East Germany; sympathetic toward communist regime, criticized the social order in West Germany; known as “Red” Kasner; moved freely between West and East Germany, enjoyed use of private vehicle, travelled abroad under sponsorship of ruling, communist-controlled National Front; unlike anti-communist pastors, the higher education of his children (including Angela) was not impeded

President Joachim Gauck (2012-present): Born in Rostock in 1940, raised in what later became East Germany, but parents anti-communist; father arrested by Soviet occupying forces, deported to Soviet gulag, later released; refused to join Free German Youth (unlike Chancellor Merkel); became Lutheran pastor; in September 1989 co-founded New Forum, first (apparently) independent political party in East Germany, later joined Alliance 90 to contest first “free” election in March 1990

Italian Republic

Prime Minister Enrico Letta (2013-present): Christian Democracy (left wing), Italian People’s Party, Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy, Democratic Party (traces origin to Italian Communist Party, repackaged in 1991); in grand coalition with People of Freedom (centre-right)

President Giorgio Napolitano (2006-present): University Fascist Youth, Italian Communist Party (heavily financed by Moscow), Democratic Party of the Left, Democrats of the Left, “independent”

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