Red World Order File: Regional integration continues apace under communist direction: Eurasian Economic Council meets in Astana, welcomes Kyrgyzstan into Russia-led customs union, Ukraine as observer; ALBA, Petrocaribe to merge, reabsorb Honduras, grab Guatemala; Maduro: New anti-USA economic zone: “cornerstone of union of South and Central America, Caribbean”

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Final Phase Backgrounder: Latin America’s Red Axis Covers All the Bases: Honduran President Lobo Ducks Red Past, Picks Up Where Chavez Lackey Zelaya Left Off Prior to 2009 Coup (source)


6 responses to “Red World Order File: Regional integration continues apace under communist direction: Eurasian Economic Council meets in Astana, welcomes Kyrgyzstan into Russia-led customs union, Ukraine as observer; ALBA, Petrocaribe to merge, reabsorb Honduras, grab Guatemala; Maduro: New anti-USA economic zone: “cornerstone of union of South and Central America, Caribbean”

  1. mah29001 June 1, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    One wonders why Honduras was reabsorbed into the Red World Order, it’s obvious they’re making a deal with MS-13 and other drug cartels operating in Central America:

  2. mah29001 June 1, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Here’s something to be added for the United Socialist States of America category:

    Don’t expect any bills similar to it eliminating discrimination toward neo-Nazis and Fascists, because being a Commie is “okay” whereas other totalitarian ideologies are thrown out expect if it’s Islamic radicalism.

  3. mah29001 June 1, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Looks like Syrian Communists are supporting the Assad regime:

  4. mah29001 June 1, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    Here’s more for Fascism’s Resurgence under the Eurocrisis where the British National Party is taking part in protests with the EDL, but here’s the odd thing, I don’t know who to be more disgusted with, Nick Griffin and the BNP or the violent Leftists in the Unite Against Fascism where over 50 of them were arrested at this rally for violently confronting BNP and EDL:

    Odd that Griffin demands to have all hate preachers leave Britain, but he didn’t mind to travel to Libya to support Gaddafi who openly stated Islam will takeover Europe without firing a single shot.

  5. Kathleen Moore June 2, 2013 at 6:22 am

    The Allegation of a 2009 Coup in Honduras is Red-World Disinformation.

    There was no coup d’etat in Honduras. Widespread “recognition” of a thing as x does not constitute the thing as actually being x.

    On 7 July 2011, the BBC published the following headline: “Honduras Truth Commission rules Zelaya removal was coup”.

    That so-called “ruling” was absolutely wrong. And calling it a “truth” commission does not make its findings the “truth”.

    The so-called “truth commission” of the OAS is a body outside Honduras whose international agenda is the political and economic merger of the western hemisphere. This agenda requires the completion of illegal steps that Zelaya was attempting to take, contrary to his powers under the lawful, Honduran Constitution.

    To obtain western hemispheric union, Honduras must swept into a regional, i.e., communist-style union similar to the existing UNASUR and to the emerging North American Union. Central American Union is essential to linking up the Northern and Southern continents.

    Zelaya was attempting to advance CAFTA-ALBA by i.e., usurping the powers of other Constitutional officers under the Honduran constitution.

    I wrote to the OAS in 2009 to denounce their abusive statements regarding Honduras. That letter is posted in this sidebar to my 2009 blog on Honduras (and is also copied below in this comment):

    (Followers of my blog on this topic included a former Consul General of Honduras and her spouse.)

    Also posted is the August 2009 Report for Congress by the Law Library of Congress which was submitted to President Obama, the man currently participating in a coup on Canada to annex Canada to the USA in a North American Union. My blog was published in July 2009. The Report for Congress and my blog explore the Honduran situation using different constitutional facts, and both arrive at the same conclusion: the removal of Zelaya was a constitutionally lawful event. Therefore, the Report for Congress is a denunciation of the position of the USA’s own sitting President.

    The purpose of my post entitled “ZELAYA IS THE COUP” was to set out some of the grounds of the lawfulness of the actions of the Supreme Court of Honduras.

    Falsely referring to it as a “coup” helps the globalists to undermine that country by turning the citizens against their lawful government, to their own detriment. It helps to drive them into the arms of the globalists and their agents. It may well have influenced the elections which followed the removal of Zelaya by inducing the people — feeling “oppressed” and “deprived” of their “democracy” by the alleged “coup” — to simply replace “Zelaya” with more of the same. It might also encourage them to want what Zelaya had wanted for them, which is what the globalists want.

    It is thus a losing proposition to mis-label 2009 as a “coup” or a “military” coup in reference to the constitutionally lawful removal of former President Zelaya.

    It also encouraged violence in that country, helping to destabilize it.

    Destabilization paves the way for self-serving declarations by globalists and their institutions that in order to “be” stabilized, Honduras might just “need” to be swept into a regional union. In fact, the (Communist) U.N. has self-serving powers at s. 52 et seq of the Charter of the U.N., framed in sufficiently broad language in the context of the Charter, to allow it to intervene to “stabilize” a region:

    I say “self-serving” because the U.N., as future world government over regions, is obviously the primary beneficiary of its own forced interventions in such regions. It is the main beneficiary of its own false statements (and of those of others, such as OAS) that there is a “coup” where there is none, thus stimulating national destabilization.

    In other words, the UN and its Charter are in direct conflict of interest with the national sovereignty, self-defense, internal cohesion, and constitutional self-determination of any and all nations.

    My aim in posting on Honduras in 2009 was to help counter and dispel the disinformation that it was a “coup”. That disinformation was leading people inside Honduras to mistakenly oppose their own lawfully constituted government.

    I sent the following email to Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza and to the Organization of American States (OAS) and its individual member states:

    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Before he opens his mouth to condemn correct Constitutional rule in a nation, he should consult non-partisan constitutional experts.

    His statements concerning the Zelaya situation in Honduras are complete and utter nonsense, demonstrating contempt for the Constitutional Rule of Law in Honduras, and for the fundamental duty of the Honduran judiciary to control the Executive and maintain that Rule of Law.

    Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza’s remarks on Honduras are defamation of that nation, its lawful courts and government, and constitute incitement of the Honduran people to rebel against their own lawful Constitution.

    The ouster of Manuel Zelaya was not a “military” coup, it was the lawful exercise of judicial authority executed under warrant by the Honduran military.

    I also sent the following notice to the UN and its member states to cease and desist harassing Honduras:

    (Notice to United Nations Re Honduras 29 July 2009

    The United Nations, its Member States, the world press and media, the Organization of American States (OAS), and others, are criminally and seditiously misrepresenting Constitutional events in Honduras as a military coup.)

    Montreal. Canada 29 July 2009

    TO: Ban Ki-moon
    Secretary-General of the United Nations

    Subject: ZELAYA – it’s NOT a “military” coup

    The ouster of Manual Zelaya from the Presidency of Honduras was not a “military” coup. It was a Constitutional removal required by the terms of the Constitution itself, and given legal effect under judicial authority.

    Mr. Zelaya’s contempt of the Supreme Court, his perjury of his OATH, and his defiant behaviour necessitated the intervention of the Honduras’ military to give full legal effect to the lawful Constitution.

    It is a lie and a scandal for the international press and media, the United Nations and its member states, the OAS and its members, and others, to fraudulently misrepresent these Constitutional events as a “military” coup, while defaming the lawful Micheletti government as “de facto” when it is de jure, even though interim.

    For more information on the Constitutional FACTS of this situation, please read the following blog: http://honduras-not-a-miIitary-coup.

    And take good note of the video by CLOE BUCKINGHAM featured in the righthand sidebar, on the subject of Manuel Zelaya swearing an OATH to the EXISTING Constitution, and promising to uphold ITS terms, not hypothetical future terms of his own.

    This present message is to call upon the United Nations and its member states to cease and desist from defaming, threatening and intimidating the Constitutional Democracy of Honduras and its lawful government.

    The comportment of the United Nations and its member states in this grave matter stands as a threat to all sovereign nations, who are now at risk of slander and intimidation for the lawful conduct of their internal Constitutional matters.

    The false representations made by the United Nations and its member states, and their press and media, are tantamount to inciting the Honduran people to an insurrection against their lawful government and Constitution.

    The United Nations and its member states are either recklessly or deliberately intending to ignite a bloodbath in that peaceful nation, turning citizen against citizen.

    The United Nations has no business, meaning no jurisdiction, to overrule the lawful internal Constitutional affairs of Honduras, or of any other sovereign nation.

    Without a doubt, the United Nations and its member states have all the EXPERT advice they need in the way of Constitutional lawyers, and they know and cannot fail to know that what they are doing to Honduras is criminally seditious.

    Govern Yourselves Accordingly.
    Kathleen Moore
    Montreal. Canada
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union

    C.c: to the Member States of the United Nations

    Note: this document is a true copy of a Notice transmitted to the United Nations and its Member States by email commencing on 29 July 2009.

    Download a copy:

    * * *

    Read my blog, the substance of which is a constitutional defense of the Honduran judiciary in the Zelaya affair:

  6. mah29001 June 2, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Here’s some End Times category to be added where US attorneys are willing to promote Sharia Law in US states like Tennessee:

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