Buncha Commies Corner: Ongoing US-Russian paratrooper drill in Colorado, President Putin’s no-show at G8 meeting, and PM Medvedev’s farcical fill-in at Camp David sink below MSM “radar”; communists descend upon NATO summit as alliance leaders swap notes in Chicago

– Flashback: 150 Russian Troops Trained at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1995, Carried Out Peacekeeping Scenario with US Soldiers

Pictured here: Chicago’s “finest” arrest anti-NATO protester, presumably on the second day of protests on Monday, May 21.

What is most disturbing about the US-Russian military drills at Fort Carson, Colorado, which began on May 15 and will continue until May 31, is how little coverage the MSM has allocated to this politically significant event. The fact that only 22 Russian airborne (VDV) commandos, Russia’s “blue berets,” are whacking “terrorists” alongside the US Army’s “Green Berets” is beside the point. From the vantage of Kremlin-scripted East-West convergence and the creation of a third-party threat (radical Islam), the camel’s nose is in the tent. Not to fear, the Russians view the joint exercises with a healthy dose of historical perspective:

When Baby Boomers [and their offspring, the Baby Busters, such as your resident blogger] think of Russian paratroopers on American soil, they may recall the Hollywood movie “Red Dawn,” in which the American heartland [ironically, Colorado]  is occupied by the Soviet Union, and only Patrick Swayze and his high-school friends can fight the invaders. 

“Plans are in place,” says Russia Beyond the Headlines, above, “to send a handful ofUS service members toRussia next year for similar training [indoctrination?].”

“Some people have seen sinister motives behind the appearance of troops from America’s longtime Cold War enemy at a U.S. Army post,” remarked Lt. Col. Steven Osterholzer, public affairs officer for the 10th Special Forces Group, which is based at Fort Carson. “Conspiracy theorists are alive and well,” he said, adding: “Some people who’ve called me have said President Barack Obama is a communist, or that the Russians plan to kidnap Americans and take them back to Russia, or that the training is a step toward universal world government.” He concluded, somewhat tongue in cheek: “It’s been an interesting two weeks at the public affairs office.”

To dispel any fears that the Russian special forces might use their “R&R” to conduct a little espionage and sabotage in nearby Colorado Springs, the Denver affiliate of CBS informs us that “The Russians will be escorted around the clock by senior ranking U.S. military officers and no classified information will be exchanged.” Whew, what a relief! The same source, too, reassures us that reports claiming “the drills would involve the Russians seizing CIA computers in Denver and taking over the city’s airport” were false.

Feigning ignorance, Kremlin-run Russia Today says: “It is unclear where these reports originated, as RT verified with Russian Airborne Forces spokesperson Col. Aleksandr Kucherenko that he had said nothing pertaining to the capture of Denver airport.” Sure, comrade, we believe you!

As it turns out, according to an ABC News story correction, this is not the first time Russian soldiers have trained on US soil. In 1995, four years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, 150 Russian troops participated in a joint peacekeeping exercise at Fort Riley, in Kansas. While we can all squirm under the embarrassment of reporting this month’s drill at Fort Carson as the first such exercise, the fact that it is the second known US-Russian military exercise in North America exposes the apathy of the shopping mall regime.

While friendly Russian commandos take in a baseball game in Colorado Springs, the leaders of the G8 nations arrived at Camp Davidto offer solutions to the Eurozone debt and monetary crises. Noting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conspicuous absence, the Montreal Gazette yawned: “In what has been widely viewed as a snub, Russian President Vladimir Putin skipped the summit, sending Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in his place.” A snub indeed. In all likelihood, “ex”-communist Putin did not want his international counterparts to chew him out over the Kremlin’s harsh crackdown on anti-Putin protests on the eve of his May 7 re-inauguration.

Commenting on the AWOL Russian president and his comical office rotation with lackey Medvedev, the Moscow Times more astutely noted:

If Putin cannot find a way to influence Western leaders in the G8, perhaps his best option is to try to belittle them. Thus, Putin came up with a ridiculous excuse for his inability to attend the G8 summit at Camp David and sent Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in his place. As a result, the leaders of the G7 were forced to sit alongside a powerless stand-in, who seemed to play this role with masochistic pleasure. For example, Medvedev cheerfully posed for photographs with world leaders and posted them on the Internet as if he was sending friends pictures from his vacation, not a global summit.

Thankfully, the Moscow Times cut to the chase by noting the policy differences among the G8 leaders, not to mention the generally useless nature of the meeting:

But in reality, the G8 members split into two opposing camps over how to solve the economic crisis. U.S. President Barack Obama and a host of European leaders contended that increased investment in the economy is necessary to expand production and create more jobs. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the solution lies with strict controls over spending and the money supply to limit inflation. The final communique issued by the summit reflected the delicate balancing act between those two approaches.

For his part, the cocky Medvedev, a Soviet Komsomol graduate, chortled: “For now, the overall situation with our [Russia’s] economy is fine because we had a budget surplus last year. Naturally, this year will be more difficult, but we’ll manage just the same.”

Following the rather pathetic G8 pseudo-summit, master of ceremonies Barack Hussein Obama scurried to his hometown of Chicago to host leaders of NATO. In tow were thousands of the president’s comrades in the US Left, including anti-war protesters, anti-globalization agitators, socialists, communists, and anarchists, who marched down Michigan Avenue from Grant Park to the conference center containing the military alliance’s leaders. The Chicago Police Department hauled away 45 protesters, who carried placards that blared slogans like “War Criminal Summit.”

“We want to show the world that there is a powerful worker movement in America,” said 57-year-old Adam Shels, who spoke on behalf of the little-known American Socialist Movement. Historically, there are at least two reasons communism has never totally corrupted working-class America, namely, the country’s flag-waving unionized workers make too much money and are loyal to the principles upon which the American Republic was founded. Widespread affluence and staunch patriotism do not typically breed proletarian revolution.

Not surprisingly, the websites of the Communist Party USA, Revolutionary Communist Party USA, and Workers’ World Party urged cadres to stir up trouble on the streets of the USA’s third-largest city.

Looking for ideological and tactical inspiration, some protesters referenced the anti-Vietnam War demos surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. “This will partly help Chicagolive down 1968,” said Dick Simpson, a former Windy City alderman who attended that infamous meeting as a state campaign manager for presidential candidate Eugene J. McCarthy. “The images of ’68 will never go away, but what I saw this weekend was that in many ways Chicago has grown up since then.” Yes, if only communists everywhere would also “grow up.”

3 responses to “Buncha Commies Corner: Ongoing US-Russian paratrooper drill in Colorado, President Putin’s no-show at G8 meeting, and PM Medvedev’s farcical fill-in at Camp David sink below MSM “radar”; communists descend upon NATO summit as alliance leaders swap notes in Chicago

  1. mah29001 May 24, 2012 at 12:18 am

    The Commies behave just like children, except they’re grown ups behaving like children. It’s so typical that when they’re the aggressor and they’re exposed being the aggressor they wail about how they’re being “bullied” or being “entrapped” by those who caught them doing their deed.

  2. Dov June 2, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Here is a very interesting development: Russia re-opening arctic airfields, some as early as this summer.


  3. Jackson Smith March 6, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Can you idiots realize that the USSR is gone and were allies with the Russian Federation and they are working with NATO in Afghanistan… idiots… Cold War keyboard warriors the lot of ya

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