Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian, Red Chinese navies hold joint maneuver in Yellow Sea, “Maritime Cooperation 2012” designed to counter US-South Korean Foal Eagle drill, Washington’s “return to Asia” policy; SCO to hold Peace Mission 2012 war game in June

In his famous expose of Soviet deception strategy, New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation (New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1984), KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn predicted that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union would deceptively dismantle the East Bloc and mend relations with Red China (page 343, 345-346).

Pictured above: Russian Navy’s Varyag missile cruiser.

After NATO lost all rationale for its existence, Golitsyn warned, Moscow and Beijing would reorganize and revitalize the Communist Bloc, Warsaw Pact, and COMECON under new names (page 341, 346-347). In so doing, the Moscow-Beijing Axis would create “one clenched fist” that the world communist movement would use to crush the bourgeois nations at an opportune time. Since 2005, the Moscow-Beijing Axis’ “one clenched fist” has taken the form of regular joint war games, dubbed “Peace Mission,” that would have been unthinkable during the Cold War, when Soviet and Red Chinese troops engaged in occasional border skirmishes.

As with all of Golitsyn’s other detailed predictions, this has come to pass. A new federation of Eurasian states, led by open and “ex”-communists, exists in the form of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Collective Security Treaty OrganizationCustoms Union of Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan, and proposed Eurasian Union, which would essentially resurrect the old Soviet Union.

Since his defection nearly 50 years ago, Golitsyn has remained in hiding, possibly in the USA, where he holds citizenship. If alive today, he would be 86 years old. In 1995, Golitsyn published a “I told you so” sequel called The Perestroika Deception. Tragically, after James Jesus Angleton, director of counter-intelligence, was ousted from the US Central Intelligence Agency in 1975, Golitsyn lost his most influential advocate in the US intelligence community. From this point, Western governments were blind to the Soviet deception strategy.

Ahead of this year’s Peace Mission drill, the Russian Navy and People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will hold joint maneuvres in the Yellow Sea between April 22 and 29, called Maritime Cooperation 2012. The Russian and Red Chinese navies plan to deploy at least 10 warships each including, in Russia’s case, a large anti-submarine vessel, missile cruiser, destroyer, and escort vessel and, in Red China’s case, a missile destroyer, escort vessel, submarine, and aerial forces from the North (Yellow) Sea Fleet.

Seoul’s Dong-A Ilbo, citing the Shanghai media, reports the following “order of battle” for Maritime Cooperation 2012: “Russian vessels will depart from Vladivostok and join Chinese naval vessels off the Shandong Peninsula via the East Sea and the Korea Strait. Beijing and Moscow will also conduct an operation to seize regional air superiority as well as anti-submarine and air defense drills.” The same source acknowledges that “the drill will put the US and Japan on alert.” Dong-A Ilbo candidly admits:

The Sino-Russian naval exercise is timed with the South Korea-U.S. Foal Eagle drill, but the timing is interpreted as China and Russia`s clarification that they will not be overtaken by the U.S in maritime dominancy in Northeast Asia. Chinese media say the exercise is aimed at sending a clear message to the U.S. via muscle flexing as the U.S. strategy toward Asia threatens the interests of China and Russia.

The PLAN’s troop commitment for Maritime Cooperation 2012, reports Dong-A Ilbo, is “unprecedented.” For their part, the US and South Korean militaries are in the midst of Foal Eagle, the allies’ largest military exercise of the year, which runs from March 1 to April 30. Foal Eagle, which involves 200,000 South Korean troops and 11,000 US forces, is designed to prepare the Republic of Korea for an invasion from the Communist North. Russia and Red China are two of North Korea’s few supporters. The well-established US-South Korean alliance forms part of Washington’s “return to Asia policy,” which will include marines in Australia, naval ships in Singapore, and increased military cooperation with the Philippines and Communist Vietnam.

Last year, the PLAN commissioned its first aircraft carrier, initially built in 1988 for the Soviet Navy and named Varyag but never deployed. Reportedly renamed after the 17th-century Chinese general Shi Lang, the PLAN carrier belongs to the same class of warship as the Russian Navy’s flagship, Admiral Kuznetsov. Military analysts widely believe that at some time Communist China intends to build a deep-water navy to challenge the powerful US Pacific Fleet and so remove one of the largest obstacles in the defense of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Maritime Cooperation 2012 follows by only days a massive drill by the Russian Air Force involving 40 strategic bombers near Japanese airspace. Soviet troops seized Japan’s South Kuril Islands at the end of the Second World War, preventing the signing of a peace treaty between Moscow and Tokyo. Technically, Russia and Japan are still at war 67 years later.

This June, the SCO, which embraces Russia, Red China, and the Central Asian republics, will hold the Peace Mission 2012 war game.

4 responses to “Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian, Red Chinese navies hold joint maneuver in Yellow Sea, “Maritime Cooperation 2012” designed to counter US-South Korean Foal Eagle drill, Washington’s “return to Asia” policy; SCO to hold Peace Mission 2012 war game in June

  1. mah29001 April 21, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    The Red Chinese also recently threatened to use military force against the USA and the Philippines over their joint military exercises. Strange that American and Filipino leaders do not say the same things toward the Red Chinese.

    After all, their Nepmen companies are helping them out.

  2. mah29001 April 22, 2012 at 4:31 am

    This is from last year, but it’s from admission by Bill Ayers, outright unrepentent Communist and friend of Obama who was invited by Canada’s local teacher unions. It’s another Communism With Canadian Characteristics category:

  3. mah29001 April 26, 2012 at 5:01 am

    You may want to check out what’s happening in Communist China with the arrest of Bo Xilai, interestingly enough the Workers’ World Party is depicting Bo Xilai as a “victim” of the “right-wing” in China, even though the “right-wing” are members of Bo Xilai’s own Chinese Communist Party whom have arrested him….just wait til he starts cherping that he’s a “dissident”:

    Got Perestroika Deception?

  4. Dov April 26, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    On another subject, the Russians are also conducting an exercise in Colorado with the Americans, which includes the Russians using American equipment, to deal with ‘terrorist’ camps.

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