Mexican Narco-State File: Los Zetas storm into border town, shoot up, torch businesses, hold off army for more than 2 hours; police find grisly discovery in Acapulco

Mexico’s vicious drug war continues unabated. Indeed, by attacking businesses and scaring away tourists, the powerful druglords are doing a better job than the country’s small communist insurgent outfits in bringing down capitalism.

This past Thursday morning, a convoy of gunmen most likely in the employ of Los Zetas drug cartel, stormed into the Mexican city of Miguel Aleman, shooting up, vandalizing, and torching the headquarters of the Tamaulipas State Police, the local transit police headquarters, and nearly a dozen businesses along the city’s main avenue, including the Ford and Nissan dealerships (pictured above), an Auto Zone store, a Stripes convenience store, a large furniture store, and a used car lot.

More than two hours later, after killing one gunman and arresting 11 more, the Mexican military finally ran the narcistas out of town. One soldier was killed in the engagements. As a result of the firefight, the Mexican army reported seizing 20 assault rifles, eight grenades, more than 300 magazines, and more than 7,600 ammunition rounds.

According to the 8th Military Zone in Reynosa, Los Zetas also attacked a military patrol along the Riberena highway before invading Miguel Aleman, which prompted the mobilization of troops toward the town.

Across the border in Roma, Texas, a National Guardsman took a video of the early-morning gunbattle. In another video, plumes of smoke can be seen rising over the city of about 27,000.

The same day, the body count at mass graves in rural San Fernando, Tamaulipas, rose to 177. The Mexican special forces-turned-narco-mercenaries are accused of killing their victims and stacking the bodies at several sites, the most recent of which was discovered this past Tuesday.

Lately, Miguel Aleman has been a refuge for refugees from smaller rural communities like Mier, which late last year was overrun by Zeta gunmen. Other towns like Camargo, across from Rio Grande City, and Guerrero Viejo, on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake where a US citizen was shot and killed in 2010, are mostly ghost towns.

Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, in the resort city of Acapulco, police made the grisly discovery of five decapitated, semi-naked bodies. All of the victims, four women and a teenage girl, appear to have been connected to a local beauty parlor. No motive for the killings was offered, but the Pacific coast resort has become a battle ground for Mexico’s rival cartels as they struggle to control the drug routes between South America and the USA.

One response to “Mexican Narco-State File: Los Zetas storm into border town, shoot up, torch businesses, hold off army for more than 2 hours; police find grisly discovery in Acapulco

  1. mah29001 April 24, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    And yet Obama nor any other contender for 2012 Presidential race has mentioned they’d America’s borders.

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