>Grey Terror File: Gunman assassinates US federal judge outside Tucson Safeway, shoots US Congresswoman in head, kills girl, 4 others

>– Fox News Intimates Link between Accused Gunman and “Anti-Zionist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Immigrant” Group American Renaissance

– YouTube Profile Reveals Loughner’s Favorite Reading Material: Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf

– Fidel Castro Laments Giffords Shooting, Implicates US Right Due to Opposition to Arizona Politician’s Immigration Reform Policies

Blogger’s Note: We are back from a much-needed vacation that began before Christmas. Communism continues to fester here and there so once again we take up the keyboard to wage our information war against socialists of all hues.

The shooting spree that took place in Tucson, Arizona, this past Saturday is an appalling event that tarnishes the USA’s image as the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” For leftists of all leanings, the Tucson killings re-confirm their view that America is a racist, warmongering superpower that needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

In his murderous rampage, Jared Lee Loughner (pictured above) allegedly gunned down six people, including federal judge John Roll and nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green, and wounded 14, including one gravely, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Apparently arriving by taxi at the crime site, accused gunman Loughner rushed Giffords, shooting her in the head. Giffords survived the attack, but faces the prospect of life-long brain damage. The weapon seized from the suspect was a semi-automatic Glock pistol. Loughner has been charged with attempted assassination, among other federal charges.

The killings occurred outside a Safeway supermarket where the 40-year-old three-term legislator Giffords was attending a political meeting. Giffords, a “Blue Dog” Democrat who survived last November’s Republican sweep through the House of Representatives, is married to NASA astronaut Navy Captain Mark Kelly. She is the first Jewish woman to represent Arizona in Washington DC and is viewed as a “rising star” in the Democratic Party. Giffords is a former member of the Arizona regional board of the Anti-Defamation League.

Authorities are not confirming any political motivation behind the Tucson shootings or the existence of any sort of conspiracy. In their search for a motive, though, police investigators are examining a rambling Internet manifesto left by the 22-year-old Loughner, or someone writing under his name. There was no “coherent theme” to the diatribe, which accused the US government of mind control and demanded a new currency.

It is known that Loughner withdrew from Pima Community College in October 2010 after several close calls with campus police. He was told to obtain a mental health clearance if he wished to return to school “to show his attendance would not present a danger to himself or others.” The US Army also confirms that Loughner attempted to enlist in December 2008, but was rejected for “unspecified reasons.”

Ironically, while an Arizona State Senator, Giffords advocated bills supporting mental health initiatives and was named by the Mental Health Association of Arizona as 2004 Legislator of the Year.

Following the Tucson murder spree, FBI Director Robert Mueller trotted out the well-worn government theory of a “lone wolf” gunman, pointing out that Loughner had attended a public event held by Giffords in 2007. Early news reports suggested that Loughner may have had an accomplice, but these were quickly suppressed. “An unidentified man who authorities earlier said might have acted as an accomplice was cleared Sunday of any involvement,” admits the MSM, adding: “Pima County sheriff’s deputy Jason Ogan told The Associated Press on Sunday that the man was a cab driver who drove the gunman to the grocery store outside of which the shooting occurred.”

Not surprisingly, insinuations of a “far right” (neo-fascist/neo-Nazi) conspiracy have popped up in the MSM. According to Fox News, reports the Politico blog, the US Department of Homeland Security suspects Loughner may have been influenced by the white supremacist outfit American Renaissance, since the alleged gunman mentions this organization in several Internet posts.

In a memo that was apparently issued to law enforcement, DHS states that “The group’s ideology is anti-government, anti-immigration, anti-ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti-Semitic.” However, contradicting the Fox News story, a “source familiar with the matter” told Politico that DHS in fact issued no formal memo pertaining to Loughner to US law enforcement.

In any case, the head of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor, told Fox News that the claim of a connection between Loughner and his organization “is complete nonsense.” He denies that Loughner ever subscribed to his group’s monthly publication or attended its conferences. Taylor also denied that American Renaissance is “anti-Zionist” or “anti-Semitic.”

American Renaissance’s website, continues Politico, has praised the work of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which was active in promoting Arizona’s anti-immigration legislation, SB 1070. FAIR, founded by John Tanton, has acknowledged that its legal affiliate, the Immigration Reform Law Institute, “assisted [Arizona State Senator Russell] Pearce in drafting the language of SB 1070.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported on Tanton’s “warm ties” with American Renaissance.

Centrist Giffords supports the Obama White House’s deployment of the National Guard to the US-Mexico border, but denies SB 1070 does anything significant to halt the illegal alien invasion. Ironically, she also supports the right to bear arms.

Cuba’s retired communist dictator, Fidel Castro, was quick to empathize with Giffords’ plight and duly noted that the US Right–embodied by the Tea Party, former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and Giffords’ political rival Jesse Kelly–had targeted the Congresswoman for “destruction.” On Saturday, Comrade Fidel wrote:

She is a supporter of migrant reform, stem cell research and alternative energy, measures that are hated by the far right. She was re-elected as the Democratic representative in the past elections. When her father was asked whether she had any enemies, he replied: The entire Tea Party”.

It is known that the former US vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 elections and Tea Party leader, Sarah Palin, published on her website, as the aim for supporters of her party, a map of the congressional districts of 20 of the representatives who had backed President Obama’s proposed health reform bill and she had them marked with the viewfinder of a rifle.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ political opponent was a former Marine who appeared in the electoral campaign with an M-16 in a message which apparently stated: “Help get rid of Gabrielle Giffords…shoot the entire ammo chamber of an M-16 with Jesse Kelly.”

In March 2010, Gabrielle’s district office was attacked. She stated that when people do that they were going to have to be aware of the consequences; political leaders should get together and set limits.

Any sensible person could well wonder whether such an act happened in Afghanistan or in an electoral district in Arizona.

Investigators say they had found an envelope at Loughner’s residence with the handwritten phrases “I planned ahead” and “My assassination,” along with the name “Giffords” and what appeared to be his signature. In a Myspace post left the morning of the shooting, Loughner apparently wrote: “Goodbye friends. Please don’t be mad at me. The literacy rate is below 5%. I haven’t talked to one person who is literate. I want to make it out alive. The longest war in the history of the United States. Goodbye. I’m saddened with the current currency and job employment. I had a bully at school. Thank you. P.S. –plead the fifth!”

Loughner’s YouTube profile states that some of his favorite books are Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. To this day, fascists and communists feed on the discontentment created by unemployment, identifying Jews, capitalists, and Jewish capitalists (!) as the source of society’s woes.

Suspect Loughner will be represented in court by Judy Clarke, the lawyer who defended Ted Kaczynski, who gained notoriety in 1996 as the anti-technology anarchist known as the Unabomber.

The Kremlin media was all over the Giffords shooting, reporting that US Congressman Danny Davis, a Democrat who represents a federal district in Illinois, received a death threat via email on Sunday. “It was some person who emailed one of my staff persons and said that ‘Danny Davis is next,’” Davis related, adding “The [District of Columbia] Capitol Police and Chicago police have been notified. You know some things are cranks, some things are pranks. Some things you simply don’t know about, but I think in this climate it pays to be as cautionary as one can be.”

Last November, the China Confidential blog, citing unidentified Western intelligence sources, reported that Iran and Venezuela, two of Russia’s most reliable client states, were plotting with the Mexican drug cartels and neo-fascists to launch ballistic missiles, biowarfare, and “Mumbai-style swarming assaults” against the USA. We have no hard evidence that Loughner was part of a wider conspiracy. However, ahead of Missile Day, a Kremlin-orchestrated swarming assault in North America could definitely take on the parameters of multiple, coordinated Tucson shooting sprees, targeting officials, indiscriminately shooting civilians, and diverting law enforcement from high-value targets.

Reserving its Spetsnaz units for sabotage operations against US military and nuclear installations and high-profile assassinations (such as the US President), Moscow can farm out other “wet jobs” to the Hezbollah fanatics and Mexican assassins who are already operating on US soil. Should these be in short supply, Russian military intelligence can recruit disaffected, radicalized, unemployed, or mentally ill drifters like Loughner, Timothy McVeigh, and John Allen Muhammad (the Beltway Sniper).

4 responses to “>Grey Terror File: Gunman assassinates US federal judge outside Tucson Safeway, shoots US Congresswoman in head, kills girl, 4 others

  1. mah29001 January 12, 2011 at 3:03 am

    >I've found Russia Today's praise of Spetsnaz to be pretty suspicious in rewriting Spetsnaz's history into suggesting they are just "fighting terrorism" on Russia Today, and yet at the same time they encourage to suduce Americans with the 9/11 Lie that it was an "inside job" which what Loughner also believed in.But the first time they responded to the tragedy was running some anti-gun propaganda as a response even though they're the ones who often HELP push this kind of propaganda crap.Likewise, Iran's own PressTV agrees with the mainstream media in blaming Conservatives and has also been doing the same thing, and even the Communist Party USA, and who's who as a Communist group has joined in blaming the Right. Also strange how this incident took place when Congress was going to vote down ObamaCare.

  2. mah29001 January 13, 2011 at 3:06 am

    >Hmm…I wonder what will Alex Jones say when his buddies at Russia Today ran an anti-gun advocate and anti-gun propaganda as their response but he is "against" those politicians for silencing freedom of speech:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4T1opE_GIgIs it quite the obvious that Alex Jones apparently doesn't care what his friends at Russia Today do when they promote anti-gun advocates? I find it very odd he's NOT being critical about Russia Today promoting guncontrol advocates…but is when a politician does. It has to be because he's really working to help bring down those who do favor the 2nd Amendment and 1st Amendment.I've also noticed the lack of commentary by Russia Today on the subject in question as well. I am guessing they are doing some damage control, and pretend they are promoting gun control advocates as a ruse to agree with the American mainstream media. When in reality, they have also been spewing nonsense about why the American public should believe that 9/11 was an "inside job".Also, Jared Taylor, the spokesman for American Renaissance also has often been featured on Russia Today as well.

  3. mah29001 January 13, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    >You can also add that the Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner was also a big fan of the United Nations taking control of the United States' educational system:http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/01/13/2011-01-13_this_is_my_genocide_school_creepy_gunmans_insane_rants.htmlYeah…he did say he wished his school was under the U.N. Charter and guidelines. Gee…why isn't the other media outlets who blame the right-wing not wondering why he's preaching their rhetoric on why the U.S. should kowtow to a one world government?

  4. mah29001 January 15, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    >Another odd message from the Arizona shooter is that he complained that literacy was only 5 percent…I remember hearing Communist propagagnda how "wonderful" literacy ratings are in Communist countries.Can't be a right-wing extremist with that kind of rhetoric…

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