>USSR2 File: FSB recruits child informers, Kremlin mulls biggest mass relocation since Stalin, analysts await Putin’s presidential plans for 2012

>– Communist Party of Belarus Backs Lukashenko’s Re-Election Bid, Head of Presidential Administration Alleges Opposition to Disrupt December 19 Poll with Bombings

Pictured above: On December 11, the head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus, Vladimir Makey, appeared on RTR Belarus TV.

The Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service (FSB), which was hived off the old Soviet KGB, has reverted big time to its old communist-era ways by recruiting schoolchildren in the war on terror with a series of cartoons on how to spy on terrorists and neighbors.

The eight 20-second cartoons, which have been aired on TV and presented in schools and movie theaters, portray a boy outwitting a terrorist and informing on him to the FSB. Other videos show the seven-year-old hero setting up a roadblock around a suspicious package and spying on neighbors to see if they have weapons stashed in their loft and basement. He is finally shown receiving a medal from grateful police chiefs while a man sporting a Muslim-style moustache is led away in handcuffs.

Critics, reports the Croatian Times, claim the cartoons will promote paranoia among children and lead to “Hitler Youth-style” or, rather, Komsomol-style spying by youngsters. Russian intelligence services expert Andrei Soldatov said: “This is complete propaganda and makes people more suspicious and increases the number of unwittingly false calls from frightened children.”

Child psychologist Rais Skrynnikova, who works for the Russian Children’s Fund in Volgograd, added: “The cartoons contain elements of fear and negativity. The denunciations of the KGB are still strong in the memories of communities and these cartoons come into conflict with children’s sense of norms and morality.”

Incidentally, Ivan Melnikov, vice chairman of the (secretly ruling) Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), chairs the State Duma’s education committee so it’s no surprise the FSB has a green light to brainwash and potentially once again turn Russian schoolchildren against their own parents. Last month, Comrade Melnikov feted Cuba’s visiting parliamentary president Ricardo Alarcon.

Meanwhile, according to information leaked to the Vedomosti daily, the Kremlin is planning on packing Russia’s widely scattered 141 million citizens, 90 percent of which lives in towns with less than 100,000 residents, into 20 urban centers. Unlike Joseph Stalin’s genocidal internal deportations, however, when entire nationalities were forced to move at gunpoint on the grounds of being “counter-revolutionaries” or Nazi collaborators, relocating would be optional and encouraged on economic grounds alone.

“Much of rural Russia is dying,” points out the United Kingdom’s Telegraph, “as young people move to towns and cities and entire Soviet-era settlements which were built around just one or two factories are no longer economically viable.”

Russian analysts opined that the plan, which resurrects the Soviet-era idea of urbanizing the entire country, is likely to be heavily promoted by President Dmitry Medvedev as part of his agenda to modernize Russia. With speculation mounting about whether Medvedev or his mentor Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will run for the presidency in March 2012, the Kremlin’s new urbanization plan could be a useful electoral tool for Medvedev.

Last month, Pravoye Delo (Right Cause), a party little known even in Russia, endorsed Medvedev as its presidential candidate, even though the 2012 election campaign has not officially begun. Undaunted, party leaders Leonid Gozman and Georgy Bovt informed journalists that they support the president’s modernization program.

“This party has no seats in the Russian parliament. There are some Pravoye Delo members in regional parliaments, but these people often hide the fact that they belong to it,” remarked Vladimir Pribylovsky, president of the Panorama think tank, to the Moscow News. The same news site acknowledges that, like just about every other party of “post”-perestroika Russia, including Sergei Mironov’s Just Russia and Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Pravoye Delo “has been formed with support of the Kremlin, which coordinated the appointment of its leaders.”

Since 2008, political analysts have speculated that Putin, who took up his old post of prime minister, is biding his time, waiting for Medvedev to complete his term as president, before reassuming this position for another eight years, that is, until 2020. They also observe that United Russia is little more than a parliamentary support group for Putin, lacking a durable popular base. By contrast, contends Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the CPRF “remains the best organized force and in polls usually scores second to the pro-Kremlin United Russia,” which itself was founded by “ex”-cadres of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union/Russian Federation.

According to a survey conducted by the Kremlin-friendly VtsIom polling agency, Medvedev would easily win re-election if it were held today, provided that Putin stayed out of the race. Other possible candidates, including Zyuganov, polled in the single digits, the telephone survey showed. Both Medvedev and Putin have declined to state publicly whether they will run in 2012. A separate survey on the public’s trust toward politicians had Putin topping Medvedev 48 to 42 percent.

It would appear, then, that if the Soviet strategists want to install an open communist in the Kremlin on the basis of a “free and fair” election, Zyuganov will have to move into the background, hiding behind a younger, “moderate,” EU-friendly frontman. However, the communist platform has changed little since Soviet times. According to RFE/RL, Zyuganov and his henchmen “call for mass nationalization, progressive income tax, and a state monopoly on alcohol production and sales.” Incidentally, Hugo Chavez is following Zyuganov’s script to a “T,” only in Venezuela, not Russia.

Meanwhile, in the former Soviet republic of Belarus, the communists are again throwing their name behind President Alexander Lukashenko’s re-election bid, to take place on December 19. Explains House of Representatives deputy Igor Karpenko:

The Communist Party calls upon Belarusians to vote for the candidature of Alexander Lukashenko and his policies. The country’s future largely depends on fulfilling civic responsibilities and the active participation in the vote.

Representatives of the CPB have joined the election campaign, during which they will carry out explanatory work among the population about the coincidence of the CPB’s main policies with the domestic and foreign policies pursued by current leadership of the country, for the benefit of an absolute majority of citizens.

The Communist Party of Belarus and the CPRF are united under an umbrella organization called the Union of Communist Parties-CPSU, which is based in all of the old Soviet republics and committed to restoring the Soviet Union from the ground up. Therefore, the UCP-CPSU, which Zyuganov has chaired since 2001, acts as a sort of placeholder for the old CPSU.

Lukashenko and Belarusian authorities are anxious to assure European Union counterparts that the presidential election will be “transparent,” even as they allege that the opposition intends to wage an armed insurgency after the election.

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  1. mah29001 December 15, 2010 at 12:56 am

    >Hmmm…sounds like the Kremlin is back in hiring children to be tatlte tellers to the Kremlin…quite literally…

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