>Event Convergence Alert: Mystery Monday missile launch off coast of Los Angeles puzzles viewers ahead of G20 summit in South Korea

>– Pentagon Denies Involvement with Sea-Borne Launch of “Massive” Missile near Los Angeles

– Kremlin Media Concocts Story of “Unauthorized Trident-2 Launch”

This past Monday night, someone launched an intercontinental ballistic missile off the coast of California. The “massive” missile’s smokey trail was visible to residents of Los Angeles, including a CBS helicopter news team. Doug Richardson, editor of Jane’s Missiles and Rockets, examined the CBS video for the Times of London. “It’s a solid propellant missile,” he told the Times. “You can tell from the efflux [smoke].”

Robert Ellsworth, former US ambassador to NATO and a former deputy secretary of defense, viewed video of the apparent missile and commented: “It’s spectacular… It takes people’s breath away. It is a big missile.”

Frustratingly, for those who want to find the culprit, the US Navy and Air Force not only deny responsibility but also deny that the projectile was a missile. CNN reports: “Officials at the Pentagon also did not know any details about the launch and said that it could not have been planned military action. Vandenberg Air Force says it sent a rocket skyward Friday night, but there have been no launches since then.”

A regular visitor to our blog, who has a past career in the US military, concurs: the Pentagon always announces missile tests, primarily to avoid potential disasters with commercial sea and air traffic.

US President Barack Hussein Obama is attending the G20 summit in South Korea. Thus, there has been speculation that Washington was sending a not-so-subtle message to the People’s Republic of China about its ballistic “throw weight.” Along the same theme, the White House could also have been warning North Korea to avoid doing anything “stupid” during the G20 meet-and-greet.

Additional speculation centers on a hoax consisting of Photoshopped contrails from an aircraft or possibly an amateur missile. (Whoa, dude, that’s quite an amateur missile!)

For its part, the Kremlin media concocted the story of an “unauthorized ICBM launch” to explain this “UFO”: “An unauthorized ICBM Trident-2 launch is likely to have occurred off California’s coast in the United States. The opinion has been ventured by the vice-president of the Russian Council of Military Experts Alexander Vladimirov.” Comrade Vladimirov: Are you sure? An unauthorized ICBM launch from a US submarine? Heads will surely roll in the Pentagon.

On the other hand, if the missile did not originate from the US military, then there are only a few likely alternatives. Russia, of course, has significant SLBM capability, while Red China has a limited SLBM capability. North Korea or Iran could potentially launch a Shahab or Taepodong-2 missile from a ship disguised as a civilian vessel. One thing is clear: This missile delivered a big message from someone to someone.

3 responses to “>Event Convergence Alert: Mystery Monday missile launch off coast of Los Angeles puzzles viewers ahead of G20 summit in South Korea

  1. mah29001 November 10, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    >I am guessing two things…Obama's stupidity in unofficially scaring his fellow Americans without their proper knowledge as he did something very similar by flying Air Force One in New York City a year ago or so…or…something more sinister like either the Russians or Red Chinese having one of their submarines secretly showing off the west coast of the United States.Eye before the storm? I hope not…but then again…you never know. Also…there's been some updates by the Pentagon claiming it was just a "simple plane" taking off. Last time I checked…planes don't make those kind of flibies.

  2. Lori November 11, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    >Whomever launched this, the Russians are using it for propaganda purposes. They recently announced the building of 5,000 additional nuclear fallout shelters to be built in Moscow in the next two years, and their military is calling it an unauthorized Trident II launch, which of course gives them the opportunity to mentally prepare their population and their military for some sort of American aggression which they would preempt by a strike on the US: http://english.ruvr.ru/2010/11/10/33081757.html

  3. mah29001 November 11, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    >Here's something ridiculous coming from Russia Today, the Kremlin-approved propaganda outlet says Obama fired a missile at aliens:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UAeSsvHhTgReally…aleins?

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