>WW4 File: Russian attack subs lurking outside UK naval base, recording "acoustic signature" of Vanguard SSBNs for potential torpedoeing

>– Senior Royal Navy Commanders:

1) Trafalgar Hunter-Killer Subs Escorting SSBNs to Counter Russian Akulas, Protect UK’s Nuclear Deterrent

2) Russian Sub Movements in North Atlantic Highest Since 1987

3) Russian Subs Also Tracking US and French Submarines

In yet one more proof that the Cold War never really ended, the British media has learned that Russian Akula-class attack submarines have in the last six months been caught trying to record the acoustic signature of the Royal Navy’s Vanguard ballistic subs (pictured above), which carry Trident nuclear missiles. Furthermore, according to the Daily Telegraph, which cites “senior Navy officers,” British submariners in the North Atlantic Ocean report that they are experiencing the highest number of “contacts” with Russian subs since 1987.

“If the Russians are able to obtain a recording of the unique noise of the boat’s propellers,” explains the news site, “it would have serious implications for Britain’s nuclear deterrent.” The Daily Telegraph adds: “Using its sophisticated sonar, the Akula would be able to track Vanguards and potentially sink them before they could launch their Trident D4 missiles.”

Russian subs are reportedly lurking off the coast of Faslane, Scotland, where the British nuclear force is based. There they wait for Trident-carrying Vanguards to emerge for their three-month patrol to provide the United Kingdom’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent. The Daily Telegraph continues:

While patrolling in the North Atlantic, there are a limited number of places the Vanguard is permitted to go and it is thought that the Akula attempted to track it on several occasions. Navy commanders are understood to have ordered a Trafalgar-class hunter-killer submarine to protect the Vanguard. A recording of the Akula was made by the Trafalgar submarine’s sonar operators and has been played to The Daily Telegraph.

“The Russians have been playing games with us, the Americans and French in the North Atlantic,” a senior Navy commander stated, adding: “We have put a lot of resources into protecting Trident because we cannot afford by any stretch to let the Russians learn the acoustic profile of one of our bombers [SSBNs] as that would compromise the deterrent.”

Is there any connection between the mysterious murder this month of British signals intelligence officer Gareth Williams, who may have been rubbed out by a Slovenian communist, and the new “Hunt for Red October” in the North Atlantic? We may never know until Missile Day, which appears to be looming on the horizon if the Kremlin’s purchase of inflatable decoy aircraft, missiles, and tanks is any indication.

2 responses to “>WW4 File: Russian attack subs lurking outside UK naval base, recording "acoustic signature" of Vanguard SSBNs for potential torpedoeing

  1. mah29001 August 29, 2010 at 4:09 am

    >Why am I not surprised of the West's obvious incompetence here?Oh, btw, I've also changed my blog on wordpress to Zionism's Survival. I fear now the new rise of anti-Semitism is being pushed by today's hard Leftists and Faux Right people like Ron Paul.Ron Paul's foreign policy adviser Philip Giraldi whom appeared before Iranian-state run television is now engaged with the American Conservative pushing Jew-hating rumormongering of Israeli spy operations in the United States.With former CIA agents like this out and about…it's no wonder why we became asleep at the wheel. Michael Scheuer, a fan of Ron Paul and also a former adviser to his campaign says just about the same thing…and he was suppose to be an expert on Osama bin Laden.

  2. mah29001 September 1, 2010 at 2:58 am

    >Looks like it seems that Cuban-state run media is demanding Russia and China to attack both the USA and Israel over its threats toward Iran:http://www.cubanews.ain.cu/2010/0831-zionism-danger-backed-washington.htmJust which side are people like Ron Paul and others like him really on?

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