>Latin America File: Fidel Castro rejects legitimacy of Calderon, lauds Obrador; ex-Contra leader prepares to launch new insurgency against Sandinistas

>– Mexican Leftist Leader Overlooks 2006 Electoral Failure, Thanks Retired Cuban Dictator for Endorsement, Praises Communist Luminaries, Predicts 2012 Victory

Pictured here: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presents his candidacy in Mexico City on July 25, 2010.

We’re back from a two-week vacation. Communists, however, never go on vacation, so our work here continues.

“Fidel Castro’s article in support of the runner-up in Mexico’s 2006 presidential election,” reports Novosti, “threatens to revive diplomatic tensions between Cuba and Mexico.” According to the Kremlin media, Mexican political analysts believe that the candor of Cuba’s retired dictator may again delay the visit of the President Felipe Calderon to Havana, slated to take place by the end of this year. In a recent Reflections column, which is published in various state-controlled media outlets, the 84-year-old Castro casts doubt on the political legitimacy of Calderon, who bested far left rival Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) by only 0.57 percent in a run-off vote.

“Obrador went to the polls and defeated the candidate nominated by the National Action Party, but the [U.S.] empire did not allow him to take office,” Fidel complained. On August 14 an indignant Mexican Foreign Ministry repudiated Fidel’s comments: “The Mexican government denies statements by ex-president Fidel Castro, in which he questions the legitimacy of the incumbent leadership and the choice… made by the people.”

Since 2006 AMLO has in fact styled himself as the “Legitimate President of Mexico,” a title recognized only by his most slavish followers in the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). Obrador has declared his intention to run again for the presidency in 2012. The PRD was organized in 1989 through a merger of the Mexican Communist Party, Unified Socialist Party of Mexico, Mexican Socialist Party, and Mexican Workers’ Party. The party holds 127 of 500 seats in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, and 26 out of 128 seats in the Senate, and controls five state governments. Obrador stepped down as PRD president in 2008 but maintains links to the organization.

AMLO was not shy in expressing his pleasure with Castro’s endorsement. While launching his new book The Mafia that Took Over Mexico…and the Year 2012 (“La mafia que se adueñó de Mexico…y el 2012”) in his hometown of Tabasco, the former president of Mexico’s Federal District read a communiqué that referred to Fidel’s “distinguished” position among great communists of the past. “I thank the comments and opinions of a distinguished personality like Fidel Castro,” gushed Obrador, adding: “He is undoubtedly one of the most important leaders of the world of our times, as well as others like Ghandi, Charles de Gaulle, Martin Luther King [US pro-communist], Ho Chi Minh [Vietnamese communist], Salvador Allende [Chilean communist], and our beloved Nelson Mandela [South African communist].”

AMLO also made a plug for his book, which “aims at letting the world know the bitter reality that characterizes Mexico today, controlled by rapacious oligarchic groups that have imposed a policy of pillage over national interests and the people’s well-being.” In his speech, Obrador predicted that he will oust Calderon’s center-right Panistas in 2012: “Those who stole the election from us thought that we could not stand up again, but they were wrong.”

Some observers of Latin American politics suspect that Communist Venezuela is discreetly financing and radicalizing the PRD via “Bolivarian” cells in Mexico. It is a documented fact that current agents of Cuba’s Intelligence Directorate and “ex”-employees of Cuba’s Interior Ministry and “ex”-soldiers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba are active in Mexico. The Cuban embassy in Mexico City has long served as a strategic base of operations to infiltrate spies into the USA. Moreover, in 2007 with little fanfare Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the (secretly ruling) Communist Party of the Russian Federation, travelled to Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico, where he reportedly met with Obrador.

Further south, Gabriel Jose Garmendia, a former Contra rebel who fought the first Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) regime in the 1980s, has declared that he is preparing to launch another uprising against President Daniel Ortega. Long-time KGB asset Ortega is widely believed to be seeking a third term in 2011. Last year, in a legally dubious ruling, the Nicaraguan Supreme Court overturned a constitutional ban against presidential term limits. Garmendia did not provide details of his planned insurrection in his August 4 interview with Managua’s El Nuevo Diario.

Since his re-inauguration in January 2007 Ortega has shut down opposition media through street-level intimidation and corporate buy-outs financed by red buddy Hugo Chavez, dispatched FSLN cadres to break up meetings of the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC) and other opposition politicians, and cozied up to Cold War-era ally Russia by promising joint military exercises in Central America. Earlier this year the Nicaraguan military modernized the never-used Soviet-built air base at Punta Huete, a facility that can accommodate Russian strategic bombers, which have since 2008 again made their appearance in the skies over the Caribbean Sea.

At the same time, the Sandinista-controlled Nicaraguan National Army is denying reports that the Contras are re-arming under the banner of the Nicaraguan Democratic Force. “The war has ended; there are no conditions for armed groups to operate here,” huffed General Julio Cesar Aviles. Garmendia apparently travels under the nom de guerre “Comandante Yahob.” Last month Aviles referred to Yahob as a “common criminal,” but admitted that the former Contra special forces commander is seeking to establish contacts with other “delinquent groups” in Honduras.

On July 25 former Nicaraguan President Arnoldo “Fatso” Aleman asserted that he and his family were the targets of a failed assassination in the southern department of Rio San Juan, near the Costa Rican border. According to a PLC press release, masked Sandinista thugs attacked a campaign convoy consisting of Aleman, members of his family, local mayors, and party officials. The opposition convoy was forced to retreat to the center of San Miguelito, a town in Rio San Juan.

Aleman likened the ambush to another incident that took place 14 years ago, when FSLN cadres attacked another PLC campaign caravan. During the 1996 incident one person was killed by an AK-47-toting Sandinista. Aleman, who is internationally regarded as one of the world’s most corrupt politicians and who did not hesitate to enter a sordid power-sharing arrangement with Ortega in 2000, declared his presidential candidacy on July 11. The government of President Ortega refused to comment on Aleman’s allegations.

Meanwhile, on August 12 Nicaragua’s constitutional crisis deepened as Supreme Court justices who support Ortega selected seven lawyers from the FSLN to replace opposition judges who have boycotted court sessions over the last 10 months. The legitimacy of the Sandinista-friendly justices is itself contested by Nicaragua’s opposition parties. The National Assembly, which is also in a state of political deadlock, has been unable to appoint replacements for 22 government officials whose terms have expired. Ortega has extended their tenures by presidential decree. Neither the FSLN nor PLC controls enough seats in the National Assembly to end the deadlock.

Just when you thought Ronald Reagan and Oliver North made Central America safe for democracy, communist sharks are once again seeking blood 20 years later.

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  1. mah29001 August 19, 2010 at 3:37 am

    >Why am I not surprised by this development? Also, the Mexican Industrial Revolutionary Party is also trying to make a comeback too in 2012.

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